Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Looks Do Matter

Hello again my loyal readers! The past week has been ripe with new suitors for me to introduce to all of you! Just after I posted my last one, this one was waiting in the wings!

I'll never understand why people bother to set up online dating profiles without a photo. There can only be a few reasons:

1. They are a fake profile and are preying on the most vulnerable ladies who will email someone back sans photo.

2. They don't want to be recognized (famous? cheating?).

3. They are hideously deformed.

Let's be honest though - no one is writing you back without a photo. Or at least no one of substance is doing so. If you are reading and have written someone back that did not post a photo, speak up and prove me wrong!

This brings me to this week's bachelor. He defends his choice of not including a photo by trying to use some reverse psychology. Of course he flaunts his ex-wife and ex-girlfriends so I'm not sure what psych school he attended.

Beyond the photo, the rest of the profile is also rather entertaining. His name is "Marv" and used the term "auto-teller" which leads me to believe he is also lying about his age. Auto-teller? Um, if you don't use an ATM machine where do you keep your money? Mattress? Freezer? Pretty sure that is where my Grandpa would keep his loot.

Of course his arrogance is obvious in his description of himself and the women he wants to date. Don't forget his screen name - HeirlessMilnaire. He is ready to be your Sugar Daddy!

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think "Marv" looks like! Feel free to add your description in the comments!

Thankfully he provided his phone number in his email. If you want to give him a call, it appears that 9-10pm is the best time for him. After 10pm he has probably fallen asleep watching the Fox 11 news.

Say Aloha to Marv!


Want to talk about Hawaii?
Three-Ten Six-Fifty Seventeen Ninety-Eight best 9-10PM


Los Angeles, CA | 47

Why no photo?
I'd wager that if you saw photographs of my ex-wife & ex-girlfriends, you'd not select any of them as my partner. I see no reason to presume that this pattern is inviolate so, I'm not going to prejudice this adventure with a snapshot. 

We will, however, enjoy a phone conversation & trade pixs before we venture out for an encounter or even... a date. Certainly neither of us is desirous of doing this deaf, dumb & blind. 

I would have checked "average" for body type as that's what I've always been however, the US average has crept up noticeably over the years whereas I've stayed the same. So now, relative to the population, I'm thin! 

I am US male average heightwise, 5'10", and that's the true figure, clean shaven, no tattoos or metallic accessories, non-smoker, rare social drinker, no kids. I've no communicable diseases, prison record, restraining orders, outstanding debts, nor Twilight Zone downside. 

Why no job?
You may wonder why I don't work anymore... I enjoy a 6 figure income by making a few mouse clicks a year that is taxed at favorable rates. If I should happen to "work", any additional monies are taxed at a greater than 50% rate (combined federal, state & SS) -- That just doesn't seem to be an equitable situation. 

For whatever insight it may provide, I proffer that I've never paid a cent of credit card interest nor used an auto-teller. I'm actually ahead on the credit card folk by about $20,000 counting all the rebates, givebacks, FF miles, etc. 

About you: 

Smart. Say 1400+ on the traditional two part SAT or equivalent life/street smarts. 

Slender. The "average" US woman is now 5'4", 164 pounds, 37" waist, size 14, so, I'm likewise thinking thin on your side too. 

Religion. I'm an atheist. Therefore, if you're a Church, Temple, Mosque, Ashram, Circle, etc. attending believer we won't be compatible.

In keeping with the theme of this curious site please consider the following formula: Li Ne C Sn Cl Cf

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Relationship or Blow Up Doll?

One of the features of many online dating sites in an option to indicate what type of relationship you are looking for - be it casual (i.e. hook ups) or something more (i.e. dating, marriage, etc.). Depending on what you are looking for, this is one of the tools at your disposal to help weed out the many suitors that are out there. 

Then you have guys like this one that sending mixed messages. He does not indicate that he's only looking for a casual situation though he kicks off his profile with sex, Sex, SEX (highlighted for your enjoyment)! He goes on to bring values into the mix and wraps it up with sharing his inner most thoughts and looking for who he is going to spend the rest of his life with. Huh? Is this some sort of reverse mullet? Party in the front, business in the back....or something....

He says and I quote "Ladies at this age if you haven't figured out that all men want sex and that we are visual creatures I don't think we will be a good match." Duh. Tell us something new. He goes on to comment that if you spend a lot of time with your girlfriends that just is not a match for him. Are you expecting a 50's housewife to have dinner on the table for you while wearing lingerie?

So let me see if I have got this straight, he is looking for the following:

  • Nymphomaniac
  • Hates Donald Trump
  • Has minimal life of her own
  • Likes to travel
  • Insecure
  • Does not mind Random Capitalization of Words
Oh and he did not post a photo. Now I spend way too much time with my girlfriends for this guy but if that is not an issue for you, please meet:

41 - Woodland Hills, CA

My self-summary
I want depth, passion, enhancement , a travel buddy and great sex.
Having a woman's attention is a big turn on, being the guy that brings a smile to her face when speaking to her friends about him is a turn on, a random naughty text is a turn on.
Just because I like sex doesn't mean I will have sex with just any woman, I am very selective and very patient, not expecting to jump right in bed I'd like to get a mental connection established before we reach the physical.
Ladies at this age if you haven't figured out that all men want sex and that we are visual creatures I don't think we will be a good match.
I can't see who likes me so instead of pressing like go ahead and send me a message please.

What I’m doing with my life
If we can't have an intelligent conversation together, belly laugh together and break bread together we will never make it into the bed together.
If you have an idealistic view about what being in love should be you are not the woman for me.
If you support Donald Trump you are not the woman for me.
If you are a homophobe you are not the woman for me.
If you are seeking instant gratification you are not the woman for me.
If you are always out with your girlfriends you are not the woman for me.

I’m really good at
Exploring sexuality
Thinking outside the box
Being a Handy Man
Expressing myself
Critical Thinking

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Nina Simon
Little Dragon
Shawshank Redemption
Breaking Bad
Jay Z
Shark Tank

The six things I could never do without
The Touch of a Woman
Common Sense
Fine Dining

I spend a lot of time thinking about
The woman I am gonna spend the rest of my life with.

On a typical Friday night I am
Watching NetFlick

You should message me if
You are looking for someone to share your inner thoughts with.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Fake Profiles, Volume 2

It's been awhile since we looked at my ongoing collection of fake profiles. Here are some excelent email specimens. Typos and grammatical errors are all real. I wonder if these guys actually live where they say they do! Do you think they might try to get me to send them money? Apparently 53 is the "magic" age for these types of profiles. Thankfully they so kindly included contact information should you wish to reach out for your own enjoyment! I highlighted them in orange for your convenience and highlighted my favorite passages from each in blue.

53 | West Los Angeles, California
Your profile caught my attention and couldn't help by dropping you a quick message,I'm looking to meet someone for friendship and something more. I’d like to take time getting to know you,see where that leads us to. I love being active and outdoors..I'm seriously searching for that special someone ,One who is confident enough to speak to a man and can carry an intelligent conversation.Would be more appropriate getting intouch via our personal e-mails to get to know each other ,if possible get to share one another's pictures.You can write me using the id in the bracket and hope you can get that figured out... (croft.white at gmail dot com..Looking forward to hear from you again..

From: Musah
30 | Antioch, Illinois
Hello Pretty How are you doing today my name is musah and i am here looking for a Honest woman to be with her and spend the rest of my life with her a woman that will never let me down and i Promise her to i will never do something that will break her heart this is my email address

56 | Pacific Beach, Washington
You've really sparked my interest so lets discover the possibilities together. Basicall, but also a natural leader.I could not resist writing to you. You seem nice, intelligent, & attractive, quite a combination.I feel your existence as similar to my own, with many ideals & interests in common, I would like to get acquainted.I am a kind hearted but strong willed man who loves to treat a woman the way she should be. Well am on here looking for Happiness in Long-Term from this life,how about you?Was glad after reading your profile,I know I'm not everyone's match from here,But you can please do read over my profile & let me know if you do like to communicate to an intelligent man with a great sense of humor,Just don't hesitate to write back. I know it is difficult, nearly impossible, to discern that elusive looks from profiles & emails.... and you can text (424) 254-9695.Hope to hear from you soon james

George (Note the different name in the body of the email!)
53 | La Jolla Shores, California
How are you Doing.Well My name is Michael, Age is not a problem to me neither distance.Am a kind of man that would relocate anywhere for the right new to the online dating scene just have to let you know that it took me about an hour after i saw your profile before i could write you this piece of note that you look damn so calm and cool that makes me wonder if you could ever hurt an ant nevertheless the feelings of human being.Please does the cool and calmness on your pretty face actually lives in you?If yes,I think you might just be that pretty i have long be seeking all my life to get to know more than a friend.location will never be the barrier if your heart is willing to give me a chance.I want to believe that asking your hands in friendship will

make you to be the happiest woman in this part of generation and who knows even in some generations to come.just give me a chance to move a mountain and i will prove to you that I am simply man of my own is my personal email if you want to write me back michaelhart28 at y a h () ().com and i am on Yahoo Messenger on michaelhart28 and here is also my cell number you can send me a text on 2, one, four, 8, six, five, 8 six 3 zero. which ever way that is convenient for you . I look forward to your heartwarming response.I am impatiently waiting to hear from you. michaelhart28 at y a h ()(). c o m.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Looking for Mrs. Robinson

I seem to get a fair amount of emails from guys in their 20's - even more in the past few years than when I was actually closer to their age. As you can see they very much keep it classy and have excellent grammar.

__c4ryan - 25
hey hows it going? what are you up to today? would you want to cuddle and make out for a bit right now?

Basketlol - 19
Are you a banana? Because I find you a-peeling​

Iamthetallman - 20
Hello how are you doing? might I say you are insanely gorgeous! (just had to be said) i hope you dont think its weird for me to be messaging you?

Then you get a gem like this one. He hits all of my favorite message points:

1. The grammar and spelling are awful.

2. The realness of this person and/or local location is very questionable. 

3. If he is real, he is obviously looking for sex in the most RESPECTFUL way possible. 

Sorry boys, I won't be your Mrs. Robinson. 

User name unknown – 18 (details didn’t appear to save)
Hi how are you? :-)
My name is Cristian, and without being disrespectful I would like to as if you would consider dating or be intimate with someone younger than you? Don't get me wrong idea for my question, please forgive me, I didnt mean to offend, this.

I also know what I'm asking for, and I'm being serious, and respectful about it, I'm not trying to play games, because that is not the way I'm, but yes I would like to do this, and I'm willing to show you that I'm worth the time, and that age is just a number when it come to real connection, and chemistry.
I really would like to have an opportunity like this, and I will be willing to do and please you in any way, and in whatver you like and want. If there is a connection why not right? ;-)

And don't worry you are not talking with a kid anymore, I will always be respectful about this, I just want the chance to share some time, get to know see if there is chemistry, and if we do, have fun, see what happen, and enjoy of the moment.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Is this Overshare Bear?

Sometimes I get too busy to post so just save some of these gems for later. This was one I squirreled away and today seems like the perfect day to share! I'm not even sure where to start with this fella but let's jump in anyway!

1. cbearsweet is his user name. Is he trying to attract a tween girl in the 80's?

2. He opened with something scary about his health. Telling a lady you have the HIV is kind of a tough jumping off point.

3. I love Halloween too but at least spell it correctly.

4. Sob stories about how you are on the rebound are a great way to seal the deal.

5. A strong close with referencing God's plan.

Am I being to picky? Obviously. This is why I figure one of you will want to scoop up this catch!

meet cbearsweet

he's a new match
Garden Grove, CA | 39

I am a compassionate, genuine and very laid back and easy going. Im just looking for someone who will accept me for who i am and what i do. Who wont run away or judge me when they find out certain things about me and my health. Someone who will be there for me when I need someone to talk to or just spend some well need time with, someone who will like to go away for the week end when time get stressful in are lives.

I like to go away and Hallow season and go to diferent Hallowen events, I also like to go to a bar and have a drink or so just to get away for the evening and have fun and spend time with friends and family if lucky enough to.

To be compleatly Honest I just lost a very long term relationship with a women I have been in love with scense i was 14, who just broke off a two year engagement and my heart has been broken, and I'm honestly trying to move on but it is very hard, currently i'm just looking for someone to spend time with to hopefully move on in life and maybe once again fall in love with. Love is a beautiful and painful emotion that everyone one day will truly experience with someone else and it might not always end up or how the way you wanted to, or dream of happening, but when that happensyou have to step back look at the good things that has happen to you in life and the good things that will happen in your life, and soon enough you will be able to move on.

I am truly a romantic by heart and one day maybe I'll find that prefect match you never know it might be you, But the way I see god always has a plan you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Recent Love Letters

I have no good excuse for the lack of posts other than I've been busy. It certainly isn't for lack of content! Here are some recent love letters - do you want me to make an introduction to any of these fine fellows?

If you are looking for a 27 year old that isn't looking to make any promises...

You come across as very energetic and passionate. I have been single for a about ten months and I find myself seeking new experiences rather than new relationships. Not to sound overly forward, but I think you're especially attractive, and my recent partners have left me wanting more. If this sounds too much then please forgive me, but I'm a terrible liar and generally bad at beating around the bush. If having a fling sounds interesting to you, then it would be great to blow off some steam. For me, it would be a new experience, hopefully for you too! But let me not make promises! :D

If you are into cannibalism...

I want to eat you . So sexy really you are 40 no way . If you were next to I'll not go out from the room

If you like those with vivid imaginations...

951 223 5436 Hi my name is Bryan It's a pleasure to meet you. You remind me of a beautiful Mermaid from under the Atlantic Ocean I can see the blue sapphire that glows within you that enhances me with life force and provides a aroma or irresistible citrus. If you are interested in dating, you can text me or KIK: LostSoulSearching Who knows you could be the ketchup to my fries

If you like those that will open multiple accounts to meet you...

951 223 5436 text me.
Hello when I first took a look at your sparkly eyes it took my breath away so bad that I almost needed to call a paramedic :) but your mystical aura lure me into an optimistic state if I could arrange the alphabet I would put U and I together. I used to be a basketball champion back in the days and used to go to a lot of raves but I have settled back a bit and I am 22 years old and live in LA but am looking for someone to spend quality time with on the weekend. um.. If you are interested we can talk , text ,or KIK. You could possibly be the jelly to my peanut butter

If you enjoy celebrating the holidays...

Wanna do a post Bunny-brunch romp somewhere secret? ;))

If you think words are overrated...

Come over.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Paging Doctor Douche, Part 2

Back in 2014 I wrote a post called "Paging Doctor Douche" which was quite popular. Shortly after I posted my last entry in January, I took a look to see if anyone had commented on ANY of my blogs. What did I find? This little gem posted in July 2015. I couldn't wait to share it with you!'s Dr. Douche.

I stumbled across your blog and what can I say..... some of your comments are amusing, but wow.....get a life already! You're evidently still single and your entire existence seems to revolve around mocking prospective online dates. It's pathetic. It's even more pathetic than the people you mock.
You know my first name so we must have emailed, spoken, or perhaps even gone out. Mercifully, I have zero recollection of who you are. Consider that: aside from your snarky wit and sharp tongue.....there's nothing. Zero. You're completely forgettable.

If you have not reread my original entry about this fine fellow, I encourage you to do so. I don't believe I used the words narcissistic but obviously should have because the only way he would have found this entry is by GOOGLING HIS OWN ONLINE DATING USER NAME. Who does that? (Okay, I did that after I realized that was how he found my blog!)

I stand by my analysis of his profile in my original post and his comments actually do more to back it up than to tear me down. I have no desire to actually engage in a back and forth with this guy (is it just me or does he come across like the type of guy that trolls sites and starts flame wars just for the fun of it?) but I can't help myself from making a few comments here.

1. Stop Googling your OKC user name - you are not that important.

2. Of course you don't remember me - I didn't respond to your email once I read your obnoxious profile. I love me some dry humor but I think it's a stretch to say that is why your profile is what it is.

3. If my "entire existence" revolved about mocking prospective online dates, I could have written a book by now not just post every few months.

4. Single or not, I have enough material for years of posts waiting in the wings. Your sweet comments jumped over some other great material. Pat yourself on the back!

5. Appreciate the compliment on my snarky wit and sharp tongue! Glad you also find me amusing! These are all some of my favorite qualities too!

6. Obviously I'm not too forgettable if a post written in 2014, by a girl you don't remember got under your skin this much.

7. Most importantly, thanks for reading! The success of this blog is not only the fantastic profiles/emails I see online but also the audience. I appreciate you being BOTH!